Core Values

Nature’s Benefit to Life

We bring the nature’s benefits to life
- Study how to improve mankind’s quality of life.
- Select high quality and healthy ingredients with scientific evidences.
- Develop effective and convenient dosage form with partners.

Ethic & Reputation

We respect ethic and reputation
- Consider environmentally sound and sustainable business.
- Respect partners’ philosophy, honor and reputation.
- Protect consumers’ right to take “healthy” foods.
- Family-ship with all employees and their family.

Keep Improving

We keep thinking, keep making steps
- Constantly study and develop health benefits for people.
- Develop advanced systems for better performance.
- Think and act creatively!

和仁 Harmony Wisdom

“和仁BS”is our company name in Korean.

“和”means harmony and mutual respect.
“仁”means kind, wisdom, generous, understanding and consideration.

“和仁”is our philosophy and what we do as business.