Supplements Industry Since 1990

FINE BS is a professional agent and distributor specialized for supplements and nutraceuticals industry since 1990.

We focus on ingredient business with clinically proven health benefits.

We develop partnership with global ingredient producers and establish market together in Korea.

Ingredients Sales & Marketing

We study world ingredient market and carefully approach to the most professional and specialized companies to develop partnership.

Based on the partnership, we do sales and marketing performance for the partner’s products, services and also the company itself as well. Korean customers can feel comfortable as same as they are working with Korean branch of the partner.

Korean Localization

We localize our partners’ marketing materials and information through education, understanding and experience. We make Korean version of the partner’s company introduction and product details with not only language translation but also meeting with Korean taste.


FKC was established in 1990 by Mr. Chong Won Choi, as an indenting agent company for Global APIs and Health Ingredient suppliers.

In 2009, FBS was established by FKC as a professional distributor for FKC’s global partners.

Eventually FKC and FBS were merged in July 2018 and FBS represents and operates entire business as a family owned, unlisted limited company.
Mr. Chong Won Choi is the largest shareholder and current CEO of FBS.